Tuesday, July 3, 2007

another lost day

I was confused about the news today, i saw that some people in amsterdam sold their boat-house at the canals because they had seen Al Gore's inconvenient truth. They said they received a letter from the loacal boat house owners federation that the water would rise, and what to do if that happened. They got offered to live in a location that was 8 meters above sea level. Why do people always act so strange when it comes to te point where they are beeing influenced by the media.

A couple years ago it was a problem with acid rain, and later the ozon layer that was malfunctioning, but don't we all still live happy ever after? I got on a point in my live where I think that everything just will pass by as we live our days, and just be happy enjoying the moment we live in. Some budhists will call it to live in the NOW and not in the future, I think I live in the now, but still I think that I live 8 meters under sea level, and that if the dykes collapse in a massive flood I might get wet foot, but hey, it only will get better. At least then there is some action, and maybe something changes in my ordinary life. Maybe I have a good excuse then to show up late on work, or even take the day off because the trains won't go. Hurray!

Well, let's keep our spleen, I suggest we all watch America Psycho again, and you be much happier with the life you live now.

Please write me something nice, as I have the feeling that I express my feelings to a empty place in the world where never will ever look at what I have to say.

I'll try to write more often and express more of my ideas. Till then I will have a look at my flickr account, and you might have a peek too. my favorite shot today is underneath.


oh yeah, i like to enjoy the sun!

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